Our Management

  • Rector

    Prof. Dr. Raheel Qamar, T.I.

    Message from the Rector

    Thank you for your interest in CUI. I can say with great pride that you will be joining a world class institute that is held in high esteem for its excellence in research and for its distinguished erudite faculty. With a wide array of disciplines represented and high quality teaching, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CUI) is well poised to make its mark nationally and internationally as well.

    Pursuing education at CUI will be a life changing experience for students in quest of excellence. Providing real world knowledge that is linked to current market trends and demands is our hallmark, and serving students with quality is our greatest passion.

    Since its establishment in 2000, CUI has been at the forefront of innovations and has played an active part in shaping higher education in Pakistan. CUI is a leading higher education institution with an entrepreneurial ethos that promotes knowledge and technology, and also provides professional education of an international standard, which is relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Pakistani youth. I am positive that for academic and research pursuits, CUI is the most preferred institution for the best and brightest students, teachers, researchers and scholars. Our motto, “in search of excellence”, is an invitation to all students to enlighten themselves and the world with the light of their knowledge and learning. Our students are encouraged to constantly think creatively about social responsibility, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

    CUI has more than 35,000 full time students studying a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and research degree programs. The Institute has more than 2,800 academic and active research staff. Many of our faculty members are world renowned academicians and are conducting cutting edge research in their respective disciplines. Their expertise is reflected in their teaching and has made this institution a credible center of excellence both in quality teaching and research. They make concerted efforts for the holistic development of students to realize their full potential as responsible citizens of our country.

    Our commitment to the advancement of knowledge and remarkable achievements in research is the backbone of our success, which has led to the ever increasing number of students joining CUI every year, thus making it one of the largest and fastest growing research oriented institutions in Pakistan. Most recently, in 2014, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has certified the efforts of CUI by ranking it at number four in General Universities Category (Large Scale). The rankings were based on QS (world level) ranking format. CUI also earned an enviable first position in Computer Science and IT category in the year 2012. The contributions of CUI in the promotion of research are quite laudable and have been recognized by HEC by placing the Institute at number three among universities in Pakistan for research productivity. Furthermore, CUI has lately acquired the coveted 3 QS Star international ratings, and also ranked among top 250 Asian Universities by QS.

    We constantly strive to raise the quality bar and measure our accomplishment-through student performance in the classroom, through our graduates and alumni in their field of study, by employers who commend the skills of our graduates and by alumni and donors who support our mission.

    We aim at forming innovators and leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, physically healthy and socially acceptable, who are open to growth and will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace. Here at CUI, students are equipped with the necessary skills to face challenges that await them in various spheres with confidence. We therefore, focus not only on the acquisition of knowledge but also on the values that will help build a better society. As such, employers recognize the value of a degree from CUI.

    If you choose to study at the CUI you will be joining one of the most forward looking institutions; a caring organization, which makes a difference in the lives of those we are fortunate to touch. We are committed to our reputation as a world class seat of learning for graduate, undergraduate studies and research. Our dedication to the provision of high quality teaching informed by research will help you make the right choice for the acquisition of advanced knowledge and greatly increase your job prospects.

    I thank you again for your interest in CUI and encourage you to explore our website, call an admissions representative, visit one of our campuses, or speak with our faculty members, students or alumni to learn more about us.

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  • Pro-Rector

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to CUI, an Institution that has a proud history of excellence. Here we value each and every student and we have high expectations for them in academics, behavior, and respect for others. I feel extremely fortunate to belong to a culture focused on student achievement, a commitment to high expectations, collaboration, and teamwork. It is my utmost intention to carry on these important traditions and practices, while helping to create a warm, caring, and safe environment where our youth have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

    To become a good professional, the student should be very clear in his/her ambition and set appropriate goals for themselves CUI strive to provide programs that motivate our students to become lifelong learners and improve our students’ self-esteem and confidence to become productive citizens and leaders.

    “You must concentrate on gaining knowledge and education. It is your foremost responsibility. Political awareness of the era is also part of your education. You must be aware of international events and environment. Education is a matter of life and death for our country.” Mohammad Ali Jinnah

    Times are changing and demand put on students today is quite different than those of a few years ago. Come with us. Let us develop a good relationship with careful planning that can make the experience of our students at CUI an enjoyable one.

  • Registrar


    The Registrar is the administrative head of the secretariat of the Institute and is responsible for the provision of secretariat support to the various authorities of the Institute including Board of Governors, Academic Council, Selection Board, Boards of Faculties and Boards of Studies, etc. Further, the Registrar Office is the custodian of the common seal and the academic records of the Institute.

    Currently Dr. Fahim Ashraf Qureshi is serving COMSATS Institute of Information Technology as Registrar.

    For further details about Registrar Office and Registrar, please visit http://ww3.comsats.edu.pk/ro

  • Controller of Examination

    Controller of Examination

    Mr. Muhammad Suhail Ghani, the current Controller of Examination (CoE). The role of the CoE department, in view of its team, is not of a policeman but it is a “Security Guard” who ensures that any “Degree or transcript” which goes out of this institute is genuine and is being issued to a person who fulfills all the legal requirement for this purpose.

    For further details about CoE Office, please visit


  • Treasurer


    Mr. Muhammad Azam, Treasurer, is currently holding the office of Treasurer. The main functions of Treasurer Office include Resource Generation, Internal Financial Control, Audit and Financial Reporting as well.

    For further details about Treasurer Office, please visit


  • Director Planning, Development and HRD (P, D and HRD)

    Director Planning, Development and HRD (P, D and HRD)

    Mr. Tahir Naeem, is currently holding the position of Director, P, D and HRD. The Directorate of Planning, Development and Human Resource Development have been entrusted with the responsibility of coordination with the campuses viz a viz. devising their developmental needs, assigning priority, and coordination with other organizations within and outside the country, for developing new and strengthening existing academic and research programs, tapping funding opportunities in respect thereof and other tasks assigned by the competent authority from time to time.

    For further details about Directorate of P, D and HRD please visit https://www.comsats.edu.pk/Offices/Directorate_PnD.aspx

  • Campus Directors

    Campus Directors

    Currently, CUI has eight fully functional campuses which are managed by a team of Capable Campus Directors. The list of incumbent directors is as follows:

    Prof. Dr. Qaisar Abbas,
    Director, CUI Lahore
    Email: director@ciitlahore.edu.pk
    Dr. Arshid Pervaiz,
    Director, CUI Abbottabad
    Email: pervez@ciit.net.pk
    Dr. M. Abdul Rehman Khan,
    Director, CUI Attock
    Email: dir-attock@comsats.edu.pk
    Prof. Dr. Saleem Farooq Shaukat,
    Director, CUI Sahiwal
    Email: director@ciitsahiwal.edu.pk
    Dr. Sajjad A. Madani,
    Director, CUI Wah
    Email: dirwah@comsats.edu.pk
    Dr. Khair uz Zaman,
    Director, Vehari Campus
    Email: director@ciitvehari.edu.pk
    Mr. Saadat Iqbal
    Incharge, CUI Virtual Campus
    Email: saadat@cuiatd.edu.pk