Graduate Programs

Academic Programs

Presently following graduate degree programs are being offered for the year 2021-22:
Graduate Programs (2021-2022) Islamabad Abbottabad Wah Lahore Attock Sahiwal Vehari
Department of Computer Science:
1 MS in Computer Science
2. MS in Information Security
3. MS in Software Engineering
4. PhD in Computer Science
Department of Health Informatics
1. MS in Health Informatics
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:
1. MS in Computer Engineering
2. MS in Electrical Engineering
3. PhD in Computer Engineering
4. PhD in Electrical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering:
1. MS in Chemical Engineering
2. MS in Energy & Environmental Engineering
3. PhD in Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering:
1. MS in Environmental Engineering
2. MS in Civil Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering:
1. MS in Mechanical Engineering
Department of Management Sciences:
1. MS in Management Sciences
2. MS in Project Management
3. MBA
4. PhD in Management Sciences
Department of Economics
1. MS in Economics
Department of Development Studies:
1. MS in Development Studies
2. MS in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies
3. MS in Water, Sanitation, Health and Development
4. PhD in Development Studies
Department of Humanities:
1. MS in International Relations
2. MS in English (Linguistic and Literature)
Department of Environmental Sciences:
1. MS in Biotechnology
2. MS in Environmental Sciences
3. PhD in Biotechnology
4. PhD in Environmental Sciences
Department of Mathematics:
1. MS in Mathematics
2. PhD in Mathematics
Department of Chemistry:
1. MS in Chemistry
2. PhD in Chemistry
Department of Pharmacy:
1. MS in Pharmacy
2. PhD in Pharmacy
Department of Biosciences:
1. MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2. MS in Bioinformatics
3. MS in Biosciences
4. MS in Microbiology and Immunology
5. MS in Molecular Genetics
6. MS in Molecular Virology
7. PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
8. PhD in Biosciences
9. PhD in Microbiology and Immunology
10. PhD in Molecular Genetics
Department of Meteorology:
1. MS in Meteorology
2. MS in Remote Sensing & GIS
3. PhD in Meteorology
Department of Physics:
1. MS in Physics
2. PhD in Physics
Department of Earth Sciences:
1. MS in Earth Sciences (Applied Geology/Applied Geophysics
Department of Statistics:
1. MS in Statistics
2. PhD in Statistics
✔ Program being offered **admission is based on approval by CUI Statutory bodies only

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